Russian company will help Bosnian Serbs to build four hydroelectric power stations

Russian company will help Bosnian Serbs to build four hydroelectric power stations
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Republika Srpska, an entity in Bosnia and Herzegovina, signed a cooperation agreement with the Russian company Rakurs Engineering providing for the construction of four hydroelectric power stations on its territory, Renewables Now reported on September 17.

The deal is worth as much as 500 million euros ($582.5 million), the Republic’s Ministry of Energy said. According to the agreement, four medium-sized HPPs will be built in various towns of Republika Srpska. The facilities will be located in a cascade on the Vrbas River. The total capacity of the planned hydroelectric power stations is expected to amount to 70 MW.

As a result of the project implementation, four hydroelectric power stations will be erected in the towns of Trn, Laktasi, Kosjerevo, and Razboj. Their capacity will be 24.01 MW, 16.18 MW, 13.3 MW, 16.5 MW respectively. While an average annual output of these stations will amount to 139.90 GWh, 95.2 GWh, 102 GWh, and 102.1 GWh.

Within the framework of the concluded agreement, Rakurs Engineering is going to conduct all necessary studies and explore the possibility of attracting investors to fund the project.

As a reference, Republika Srpska with its capital in Banja Luka is one of two entities that form Bosnia and Herzegovina. The population of the entity is over one million people, most of whom are Serbs by nationality. While formally being part of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Republika Srpska de facto has attributes of state and sovereignty, in particular, it has its own president, government, parliament, and constitution.