A residential building will be introduced in the Nizhegorodsky district of Moscow under the renovation program

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A residential building will be introduced in the Nizhegorodsky district of Moscow under the renovation program
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“In the Nizhegorodsky district at the address: Frezer highway, 7/2, this year a residential building will be put into operation for resettlement under the Renovation Program. The monolithic works have now been completed. At the facility, the apartments are being finished and landscaped, ”said Rafik Zagrutdinov, head of the Moscow City Construction Department.

The residential building is a three-section 14-storey building, erected according to an individual project.

The new building has 164 apartments (one-room - 89; two-room - 44; three-room - 26; four-room - 5). The total area of ​​apartments (including summer premises) will be 9,737.18 sq. M.

The finished improved finishing in the new apartments will fully comply with the renovation standards approved by the Moscow Government Resolution No. 516-PP. The apartments provide for the installation of automated accounting systems for consumed resources - water, heat, electricity with the transfer of readings to the management company.

Each section will have two elevators with a lifting capacity of 400 kg and
1,000 kg, spacious lobby, lift lobby, concierge room, and stroller. The first floors will house entrance groups, non-residential premises for various functional purposes - shops, cafes, beauty salons, sports clubs, circles and sections for children, as well as a public information center will be located here.

The floor of the lobby and elevator halls of the buildings will be made on the same level with the ground - mothers with strollers and people with limited mobility can easily get into the staircase, and the hard surface with a rough surface at the entrance will prevent slipping.

The project also provides for video surveillance of the entrance lobbies and perimeter, as well as the resettlement information center, with the transmission of a signal from CCTV cameras to the dispatch service.

The adjacent territory will be landscaped: children's playgrounds, playgrounds for adults and sports grounds will be equipped, trees and shrubs will be planted.

“52 residential buildings with a total area of ​​more than 728.1 thousand square meters are being built in the South-Eastern District for resettlement under the Renovation Program. In the Nizhegorodsky district, under the Renovation Program, residents of 92 houses with a total area of ​​265.4 thousand square meters will receive new apartments. 5 launch sites have been selected in the region, ”added Rafik Zagrutdinov.