«LUKOIL» will equip the mining well on the Michaus field

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«LUKOIL» will equip the mining well on the Michaus field
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The St. Petersburg branch of Glavgosexpertiza of Russia reviewed the design documentation and results of engineering surveys for the mine construction at the Michaus oilfield in the Komi Republic. The State Examination made a positive conclusion based on the results.

Discovered in the early 1960s the Michaus oilfield belongs to the group of southern fields of the Timan-Pechora oil and gas province on the territory of the Komi Republic. Production at the field is conducted by «LUKOIL-Komi».

Reviewed and agreed by the experts from the St. Petersburg branch of Glavgosekspertiza the project documentation consists of the bush wells construction № 153 Michelskeho oilfields, the construction of facilities necessary for production, accounting and transportation of the product, as well as providing a working agent for the reservoir pressure maintenance system.

The underdevelopment field site is located in the Sosnogorsk and Vuktyl districts of the Komi Republic, it is 60 km from the village of Nizhny Odes. The construction work will be carried out in two stages. On the first one, the site of well №153G will be equipped, as well as an overhead line of VL-6 kV with a length of 380 m and an access road with a length of 338 m will be laid. At the second stage, an oil pipeline with a length of 1038 m will be built - from well №153G to group measuring unit №3.

The design engineer partner is LLC «Research and Design Institute of Oil and Gas of Ukhta State Technical University» («LLC "NIPI of Oil and Gas, USTU»).