DAF Celebrates 10 Years of Its Presence in Russia

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DAF Celebrates 10 Years of Its Presence in Russia
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DAF trucks are being built in the Netherlands for 93 years now and sold around the globe since decades. In April 2021 DAF Trucks is proudly celebrating its 10 years of official presence in Russia. Since 2011, the company’s dealer network grew to 20 independent partners in more than 30 cities, offering a brand new lineup of Euro 5 trucks as well as a full package of first class supporting services to its customers.

Arie Hendrikx has been the CEO of DAF Trucks Rus during all these 10 years. Summing up the results of DAF Trucks Rus’ first decade, he said, “We have walked a long way and achieved a lot. I am thankful to our customers, dealers and partners, who have been motivating us to grow all this time. Now we can fairly say that DAF and its services offer the truly optimum transport solution. PACCAR and DAF Trucks N.V. are actively investing into new technologies for zero emission transport, including electric, hydrogen and hybrid trucks. In Western Europe, the LF Electric and CF Electric 4x2 tractor and CF Electric 6x2 rigid are already for sale and I am confident that we will soon see the first fully electric DAF vehicles on Russian roads as well. We are ready for the future. It’s been 10 years, we are only getting started!”


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