The “Build up an atomic future” Olympiad has finished

The “Build up an atomic future” Olympiad has finished
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On April 14th, the results were announced of the third “Build up an atomic future” school Olympiad that had taken place on the website of the branch centre of the capital construction company (BCCC) “Rosatom” from December 25th, 2014 to March 31st, 2015.

As the BCCC “Rosatom” press service informed, 500 senior schoolchildren from different cities in Russia took part. The overall winner was Ilya Danilov from Leninogorsk. The Olympiad finalists consisted of 18 youngsters from Volgodonsk, Desnogorsk, Belgorod, Kurchatov, Lesnoy, Krasnoyarsky, Kolomna, Moskva etc.
The full list is published here:
The Olympiad was held for the second time. Its aim is to find talented schoolchildren in order to teach them construction specialisations for the state corporation “Rosatom” with a view to future employment. The winners may enter the Moscow State Construction University (MSCU) and other higher educational institutions for construction located in the cities where “Rosatom” operates.
Studies for special-purpose entry are financed by the federal budget. Nominations to MSCU and other institutions are done on the basis of an agreement on special-purpose study programs between the applicant and the organization that sends them to study
A students with good results may get additional rewards from the organization with which the agreement is signed, as well as other kinds of material support. The high school leaver is guaranteed a working position with the organization that sent him to study, and he must work at the company for at least three years.
MSCU students who enter on a special-purpose program get a place in a comfortable hostel. Also, those who study full-time get additional determent. In 2015, 20 educational places will be designated for special-purpose entry. A total of 80 students will be admitted to study for atomic construction companies.
“The tradition of special-purpose entry was renewed last year, when we took 78 students for MSCU only. This year we have expanded to the regions so that the students could come back to the enterprise that had sent them to study,” explained Gennady Sakharov, the SC “Rosatom” Capital Investment Director and the “Rosatom” BCCC Director.
According to him, requests for special-purpose students’ entries this year have been received from several enterprises of “Rosatom” such as JSC “ZiO-Podolsk”, JSC “Mashinostroitelny Zavod”, the federal state unitary enterprise (FSUE) “Eleron”, the FSUE “Priborostroitelny Zavod”, the FSUE “Mayak”, and others. The students will be taught the specialisations 08.05.01, «Unique buildings construction», 08.03.01, «Construction», and others. To enter university, a school-leaver must pass state exams in maths, physics and Russian.