What will “Rosatom” design for 400 bln rubles

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What will “Rosatom” design for 400 bln rubles
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The state corporation “Rosatom” will design objects totaling more than 400 bln rubles in Russia and abroad till 2030.

As Director of capital investments of the state corporation Gennady Sakharov said at the meeting of the 4th Counsel of atomic industry designers, currently the design organizations of “Rosatom” have more projects abroad than in Russia. Because of the crisis “Rosatom” has to build less in Russia, but the corporation's technologies raise interest abroad. There are 28 lots in the project portfolio of the company.
“Till 2030 we have design work totaling more than 400 bln rubles. It is a tremendous volume of work, and we must prepare thoroughly for it,” he said.
Lately the corporation has paid more and more attention to design work. The total income from design and survey work reached more than 30 bln rubles in 2014, Sakharov stressed.