Aksenov points out what prevents people from investing in Crimea

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Aksenov points out what prevents people from investing in Crimea
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50 bln rubles have been invested in Crimea this year, but it is not sufficient for the development of the Crimean free economic area.

Sergei Aksenov, Head of the Republic, spoke about this in Simferopol, reporting on the results of the Crimean government’s work. According to him, laws on the creation of a free economic area in Crimea and Sevastopol presume preferences in the sphere of land, construction, special conditions for businessmen and preferences for investors, and the opportunity to apply the procedures of a free customs area.
Over 8 months, more than 160 claims from potential participants in the FEA have been received. Among the large-scale projects being implemented are the re-equipping of the “Zaliv” ship-building plant, the construction of a new airport complex in Simferopol, a cement production plant in Kerch, a factory manufacturing men’s shoes in Evpatoria, a health resort complex, and some other projects in the spheres of energy supply and agriculture.
Crimea is being prepared for participation in the “Sochi-2015” international investment forum, which is to take place at the beginning of October. To enhance the attractiveness of investment, however, it is necessary to deal with investors on a global level, so the problem of staff remains to be solved.
To remind you, an earlier plenipotentiary of Crimea under the RF President, Georgy Muradov, stated that the unmanageable procedure of investment projects for the FEA in Crimea had not become an active tool to attract investments.