The Chinese have a smoky proposal for Crimea

The Chinese have a smoky proposal for Crimea
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Chinese investors have suggested constructing a Crimean tobacco factory, a golf club and a terminal for the sale of building materials.Journalists were told about this today in Simferopol at a meeting between the head of Crimea, Sergey Aksenov, and the chairman of the board of directors of the international energy company of the People's Republic of China, Chen Tschikhun. According to him, the Chinese are ready to deliver quality inexpensive building materials for realization of the project in Crimea. The terminal will become a point of sale and storage for the Chinese construction materials to be produced.  The land for the future modern terminal covers 100,000 sq.m. Besides this, Chen also suggested constructing a modern high-level golf club in the Yalta region. There are 10 million fans of golf in China, who are ready to go abroad in search of modern golf courses, and many of them will arrive in Crimea. It is also possible cultivate tobacco in the Dzhankoysky region, with the subsequent construction of a tobacco factory for the export of product to China.Crimea has a suitable climate and soil for this purpose. It will be possible to create a cooperative of farmers to provide equipment and finance for this rather profitable business. They also plan to deliver leased construction equipment to Crimea, to construct plants for baby food and juice, to build machines for the delivery of accessories for agricultural and garbage-disposal equipment in Dzhankoy, to create a network of Chinese restaurants and to build a large entertainment center. The head of Crimea, Sergey Aksenov, supported all of the investment projects offered by the Chinese investors and will supervise interactions between the Chinese investors and the Minister of Economic Development of Crimea, Nikolay Koryazhkin. Following the results of the meeting between the parties, a protocol on cooperation was signed.