How much will the Turks invest in the construction of the luxurious 80-story hotel in the Crimea

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On July 7th a contract for the construction of a luxurious 80-story 5-star hotel was signed in Simferopol.

The signing of the document on long-term cooperation took place after the meeting of the Head of Republic of Crimea with a group of businessmen from Turkey, who are going to invest approximately $12.5 billion in different projects on the peninsula. $1 billion is allotted for the construction of the hotel. The rest will be invested in the development of the foodstuff and textile industry and health restoring tourism.
In particular, modern bread-baking plants, textile and foodstuff factories will be built in the Crimea. New technologies will be used in agriculture. According to Sergey Aksenov, new plant production will provide for price reductions on imported goods.
To remind you, the Turkish business delegation has spent several days in the Crimea and visited the cities where their projects will be implemented. Turkey doesn’t support the US and EU sanctions and has a good opportunity to be one of the first to enter Crimean economy on advantageous conditions.