Bridge to Russia

Bridge to Russia
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The Chinese have declared the date of completion of their part of the bridge to Russia.

Construction of the Chinese part of the railway bridge over the Amur River, between the city of Tongjiang in the People's Republic of China and the village of Nizhneleniskoye in JAO of the Russian Federation, will be completed by the end of the year, as was reported today in China Daily with reference to information from official sources. Construction of auxiliary parts will begin in 2016. The length of the bridge will be 2,215m: the Chinese part will comprise 1,900m, the Russian part 315m. The cost to the People's Republic of China for work on the building site of the bridge and the access roads will be $431 million. The Chinese part of the bridge will be constructed by more than 700 workers, working in two shifts.
The commissioning of this structure will allow the creation of a new export corridor between Russia and China and the lifting of infrastructure limits on the transportation of freight from new fields in Eastern Siberia and in the Far East, and will increase turnover of freight and competitiveness between the Russian producers and exporters of the region.
The capacity of the bridge will be about 21 million tons per year and transportation distance to the final customer will be reduced by 700 km.