The Chinese are ready to finance construction of a bridge

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The Chinese Fund for the Development of Business in the area of transport infrastructure is ready to finance construction of a bridge crossing the Lena River, was told by the press service of the government of Yakutia, as declared during a visit to Yakutsk of a delegation from the Province of Heilongjiang. Ran Tao, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Sirius-Holding, said that it will be possible to use $40bn of the initial capital of the fund. This money is based on a PPP and can be used for the construction of a bridge across the Lena River.By expert’s estimates, the cost of all work on the building site shouldn't exceed 43 billion rubles. The project is already familiar to both parties, as earlier the Chinese railway corporation was part of a consortium for the construction of the bridge. With the bridge in the Far East, a powerful new transport hub connecting a network of federal highways will be created.