Who will design the high-speed main railway line “Moscow-Kazan”, and how

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Who will design the high-speed main railway line “Moscow-Kazan”, and how
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The first Russian high-speed main railway line “Moscow-Kazan” will be designed using the most advanced technology.

The Deputy Minister of Construction and Utilities of the RF, Elena Sierra, discussed this on April 21st at a meeting with the representatives of the organizations taking part in the implementation of the project. She said that 15 special bases of design have been employed for the project design of the main railway line “Moscow-Kazan”. They are being developed with safety measures and with worldwide experience and precedent taken into account, including the experiences of countries that are already building and exploiting high-speed railway lines.
The development of special bases of design was required because there is no regulatory framework for high-speed main railway lines. Experts from JSCo "RZD", leading specialists from scientific investigation institutes, higher educational institutions and design organizations, and top foreign engineering and construction organizations for high-speed main railway lines are engaged in the expert evaluation of special bases of design.
The front end engineering design, using the most advanced technological concepts, is to follow. As a reminder, the high-speed main railway line “Moscow-Kazan”, to be extended to Ekaterinburg, is the first Russian project of its kind. The trains will travel at speeds of up to 400 km per hour. The time required to get from Moscow to Kazan will be 3.5 hours, and from Moscow to Ekaterinburg about 8 hours. Construction is to be completed by 2030.