Chinese building materials in Penza

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In Penza, negotiations have been held between the governor of the region, Vasily Bochkaryov, and representatives of RK "Lianbang" and "The Chinese Sports Construction Company".As was told by the regional press service, the Chinese investors declared at the meeting what their new business intentions are in the Penza region - they want to enter into new business in the region, including the building of hotels and construction equipment. There is unique technology for the production of construction materials, and it could be introduced in Penza. Vasily Bochkaryov in return said that it would also be good to open a Chinese restaurant in Penza. The Chinese partners will have an opportunity to design and build a comfortable city, which would differ from the existing building. It must be a residential district with convenient parking, parks and squares and zones for active and passive recreation, said Vasily Bochkaryov. The production of the construction equipment and building materials can be carried out at one of the region’s industrial parks.