Wind - The 1bn Power Station

Wind - The 1bn Power Station
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On the coast of the Molochny estuary in the Zaporozhye region, work has begun on the construction of a wind farm with a capacity of 99 MW, to be launched before December 31st, 2016.As has reported via the press service of GP "Ukrenergo", the EuroCape New Energy Limited project has started construction in the Melitopol and Azov regions of the Zaporozhye area of this power station, which is the most powerful European wind power station. Its general power, with the application of vetro-agregate to the power of 3.3 MW, will be capable of generating 500 MW.Besides construction of the wind power station on the coast of the "Dairy estuary", "EuroCape New Energy Limited" will be engaged in laying an air-line of 330 kV to be connected to a power plant in the substation "Melitopol", of Dneprovsky ES, with a capacity of 330 kV. The ongoing projects of the company also include the reconstruction of the substation "Melitopol" and the "construction of facilities in the social sphere and of roads" of the infrastructure of a wind farm, to wit, "Ukrenergo". The cost of construction work at the Zaporozhye Wind Power Station is estimated at €750 million. The construction of an air-line, infrastructure, improvements and the reconstruction of the 330kV "Melitopol" substation will be about €250 million more. "EuroCape New Energy Limited" has received the first sum, but "Ukrenergo" will not report how much this is.