A hot day for Russian entrepreneurship

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A hot day for Russian entrepreneurship
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Moscow, the TsVK "Expocentre". Our correspondent, Alexey Nevsky. Today, during the celebration of the ‘Day of Russian Entrepreneurship’, the All-Russian conference "Small and medium business: break strategy" took place. Businessmen talked about progress and difficulties: Alexander Chernetsov from the Tula region, Pavel Tsynbaly from the Kaliningrad region, Rahim Roziyeviz from the Kaluga region, Vladimir Shaporenko from the Belgorod region, and Elena Dybova from Moscow. Commenting on reports from the Ministry of Economic Development were representatives from Minpromtorg, the governor of the Ulyanovsk region, Sergey Morozov, the representative of Rospotrebnadzor, FNS of Russia, representatives from the leading banks of the Russian Federation, and the State Office of the Public Prosecutor of Russia of public organizations.

In the meeting, the speaker took two votes. In the first, attendees were asked to answer a question: what prevents medium and small business from developing? 31% of participants said high rates on credit, 24% said corruption, 22% said high taxes, 16% said opacity of purchases and violation of the rights of businessmen and only 3% said the weakening ruble.
In the second vote, the question was: what measures of support will be the most effective? 51% said free accounting and legal maintenance within the first year, 26% said the introduction of free training upon the registration of a business, and 17% said targeted information support to registered entrepreneurs. Businessmen also supported a three-year moratorium on changes to reporting, a cancellation of or sharp reduction in planned and unscheduled inspections, a decrease in rates on credit, the cancellation of penalties, and more information from the authorities of all levels. Representatives of the ministries and departments were generally treated with understanding and promised to continue working in these directions. Answering questions from journalists, the president of Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Sergey Katyrin, expressed confidence that the task of the President of Russia is to double the number of people in medium and small business by 2020 in Russia.
Editorial note: Unfortunately, at a meeting, representatives of the Moscow authorities to whom the audience posed questions of violation of the rights of entrepreneurs, illegal checks of small business, so-called ‘public organizations’ with an absolute indifference to the public and the police of Moscow, didn't prove their case in any way. The capital’s officials probably consider it natural that about 400 public organizations are registered in Moscow, yet they aren't always engaged in real checks on small business and consumer protection. Often, so-called ‘checks’ on these organizations are nothing more than elementary setups using hired hands with the purpose of forcing the entrepreneur to pay up.