Presentation of dry mixes at "VOLMA-Voskresensk"

Presentation of dry mixes at "VOLMA-Voskresensk"
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Voskresensk. Our special correspondent, Maria Starostina.  Today at the dry mix plant "VOLMA-Voskresensk", an information seminar presentation took place for construction organizations and engineers in the Moscow region and the Central Federal District. Representatives from more than 50 organizations from the Moscow Region and Central Federal District took part. 

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The meeting’s purpose was to demonstrate the complex use of production at VOLMA, and also to introduce the capacities of the Voskresensky enterprise. The chief technologist at the enterprise, Evgeny Grishin, talked during the excursion program about the capacities of the plant and its technological processes for the production of dry mixes, tongue-and-groove plates and Gypsum plasterboard.Guests also became acquainted with the complex application of VOLMA products: the preparation of a surface "under wallpaper" without the use of hard putty, the sealing of seams of gypsum plasterboards without reinforcing tape, and many others. For the participants, the organizers prepared a flashmob where everyone could send their wishes to the consumers.


 "With this action we want to share the impressions of the participants of the seminar on the production site “VOLMA-Voskresensk”, and also to transfer these impressions to colleagues and partners", the chief of the department of planning and the advancement of modern information technologies, Alexey Shelestovich, noted.