New Swiss materials for Russia

New Swiss materials for Russia
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Russian home-improvement hypermarkets have started to sell products by the Swiss group Sika, made especially for the Russian market, in particular dandy-rolls for flooring, finishing and waterproofing materials, glue for tiles, bulk floors and additives in concrete made with the latest technologies and possessing unique properties. False economy and neglecting the quality of finishing materials often leads to work that must be redone, paying twice, wasting time and losing working resources. New materials offer the most convenience and allow qualitatively better work and a reduction in the time needed for renovations. However, they are in an above-average price segment.Production of these materials for private construction and repair takes place at a plant in Rzhev. This year the Group plans to open another factory in Volgograd. It will produce a dry mix of Swiss formulas and technologies mainly from domestic raw materials (up to 70%).