Why the construction of the largest airport “Yuzhny” (“Southern”) was delivered to the Turks

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Why the construction of the largest airport “Yuzhny” (“Southern”) was delivered to the Turks
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The Turkish consortium Limak-Marashstroy has been chosen as the prime contractor for the construction of the passengers’ terminal and for technical objects of the airport “Yuzhny” in the Rostov region.

As Construction.ru was told by the regional press-service, the competition committee considered the Turkish developer’s project to be the best of all 18 proposals, and the agreement will now be signed. Russian, Czech and Chinese companies are also banking on taking part in the construction as contractors.  To remind you, the company Limak-Marashstroy has formed Limak Holding, which deals with the construction of airports, seaports, hydro power stations, roads, dams, industrial enterprises, oil and gas pipelines, hotels and resorts. The company is now constructing a new airport in Turkey.  Limak-Marashstroy has already worked on more than 60 construction sites in Russia. It has erected houses, hotels, trade- and business-centers, logistics parks, and plants. The construction of the “Yuzhny” airport began in November, 2014 in the Aksaisk district in the Rostov region. All construction works are planned to be completed by December 25th, 2017.  The project cost is evaluated at 37 bln rubles. This new Russian airport will be able to receive 8m people a year with the possibility of increasing this number to 12m people.