What the Federal Special Construction Agency (Spetsstroy) deals with at Vostochny cosmodrome

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What the Federal Special Construction Agency (Spetsstroy) deals with at Vostochny cosmodrome
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On the construction ground of Vostochny cosmodrome, preparations begin on the operations and checkout building of the technical area for propulsion vehicles and space vehicles.

As Construction.ru was told by the press-service of Spetsstroy of Russia, builders are getting the technical area ready for going into commission. This is the area for the reception, technological maintenance and pre-launch preparation of the propulsion vehicle components, their loading on transporter-loaders and shipping to the launch site.
There are two cargo cranes with the capacity of 100 tons each. Special ventilation is installed; its capacity will provide for necessary cleanliness in the area of 10,000 square meters.
The work on the creation of the “clean room” has also started.
The special feature of the operations and checkout building for space vehicles is the presence of multilevel technological channels under the reinforced floor with great number of crossings. A brigade of industrial climbers is involved in special 30 m high-rise services. The most experienced specialists from Spetsstroy of Russia, having built the Plesetsk cosmodrome, are working here now.
Building and installation work at the technical area will have beem completed by the end of July, but now specialists of the Operation center for ground-based objects of space and supplying infrastructure are installing and testing technological systems. On September 10th, the propulsion vehicle “Soyuz-2” will be delivered to Vostochny.