What is the Special Federal Construction Agency doing at the construction cosmodrome “Vostochny”?

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What is the Special Federal Construction Agency doing at the construction cosmodrome “Vostochny”?
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The construction readiness of a warehouse for blocks for carrier vehicles at the “Vostochny” cosmodrome is 90%.

As reported today in Construction.ru and by the press service of the Special Federal Construction Agency “Spetsstroy”, the main efforts of the builders are currently focused on the technical complex, in which will be installed equipment for receiving, assembling, testing and storing space rocket technology, and refueling spacecraft and upper stages. It also will be transporting the assembled complex on the launching side.
One of the objects of single assembly and testing of a modular type, created at the “Vostochny”, is a warehouse unit launcher. The facility is 90% complete in terms of the foundation frame, exterior wall panels and roof, stained glass and power floors, installation of external thermal gate room vestibule and crane equipment with a lifting capacity of 30 tons.
Currently being created is the transport corridor for the import of technological equipment for the storage and maintenance of thermal circuits. The Special Federal Construction Agency “Spetsstroy”’s agents are carrying out the laying of cables and the installation of the water supply, sanitation and ventilation ducts. Work is being completed on the construction of the rail track – 1,080 meters of paving have been laid, with 30 left to do.
Additionally, the quality of the rail track, which is to be placed on power floors made of reinforced concrete, has special requirements, since heavy trains carrying elements of space rocket technology in special cars will run to the warehouse units of the launch vehicle.