Who are the top 10 developers in Russia

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Who are the top 10 developers in Russia
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The top 10 group of the largest developers in Russia includes LSR Group, GC “SU-155,” Setl Group from St. Petersburg, GC “Morton,” “Leader Group,” GC “Absolut,” “Dalpiterstroy,” “Polis Group,” GC “Glavstroy Development,” GC “PIK.”

These data are published in the rating by National Developers Association together with NovostroykiRF. The developers are ranged according to the current volume of dwelling construction on the basis of the project declarations and developers’ web-site analyses as of July 1. The largest developers are mainly from Moscow, St. Petersburg and their regions.
The leader in Russia as to volume is LSR Group: 134 blocks of flats of total area 2,273 million square meters are under construction. The next two companies’ volumes are more than 2 million square meters. All developers included in the rating have construction permits and are currently erecting 55 million square meters of housing. The terms of the objects' commissioning are 2015—2017 and later.
Data from open sources was used for the rating.