The rating of construction

The rating of construction
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The construction rating SRO, "Rating Agency of a Construction Complex" (RASK), and the self-regulating Special System Reconstruction Non-Profit Partnership Organization will be formed to carry out a procedure of contract rating.RIA Novosti reported, with reference to the executive director of the rating agency building complex, Vyacheslav Strokan, that RASK is already executing work on giving remote ratings: for builders, surveyors, planners, developers, and manufacturers of building materials. They have also become a sought-after source of information for consumers and the professional community. The rating is to become one of the tools for allowing a high-quality and independent standard of self-regulation in Russia, and is also meant to have a positive impact on the process of weeding out unfair participants who buy admission to the self-regulating organization. In general, the rating assessment consists of two components: the quality of members’ self-regulating organization and activity. The final assessment takes into account 26 indicators, including the qualitative composition of members of the SRO, which is based on the rating of the companies included in the CPO. The company stands by the insurer-liable SRO members and holds a compensation fund, and has sufficient qualified staff to supervise the activities of its members.Among other important indicators are "Implementation of legislation" and, in particular, information on the transparency of SROs, "Reporting on inspections of members for the last fiscal year", and "distribution of SRO members by region", said Strokan.