Results of housing and utilities conference chaired by Mikhail Menn

Results of housing and utilities conference chaired by Mikhail Menn
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On Friday, the Construction, Housing and Utilities Minister of Russia, Mikhail Menn, held a joint conference with the region's governor, Pavel Konkov, during Menn’s working trip to the Ivanovo region. The subject of the meeting, held in the regional government office, was the overhaul and resettlement of unfit housing inhabitants.

Mikhail Menn pointed out that the means intended for the overhaul has reached 89%, which exceeds the country's average indicator of 77%, the Ministry's press office told

In addition, there is a large share of multi-apartment buildings in the region, 13%, which are shifting to a system of individual special accumulation accounts, intended for overhaul.

“We recommend that people in new-built houses open individual special accumulation accounts of their houses. This scheme is more fair and means that the people manage the funds themselves”, said the Minister.

He also drew the attention of the regional authorities to the fact that in a number of municipalities the locals haven't still received the overhaul bills.

“The regional authorities should take the situation under control so that people don’t receive huge bills or penalties, given that it wasn't their fault”, emphasized Mikhail Menn.

Mr Menn called on the regional authorities to hasten the adoption of the law stipulating the benefits in overhaul payments for elderly people.

The head of the Ivanovo region, Pavel Konkov, pledged that the relative legislation will be drafted and introduced to the regional parliament, whose delegates will have considered the document by the end of the autumn session.