Growth points found at DIY, Household & Furniture Retail 2016 in Moscow

Growth points found at DIY, Household & Furniture Retail 2016 in Moscow
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The 10th Business Congress of retail networks and producers of materials for the household, garden and repairs commodity markets, entitled “DIY, Household & Furniture Retail 2016”, finished on Friday in Moscow.

As our special correspondent, Sofia Orlova, reports from the ground, within the framework of the plenary sessions, the forum’s participants discussed business strategies and ways of finding new points of business growth.

As an example, one of IKEA’s key principles in its work on the Russian market is active interaction with local partners and a long-term – from 3 to 10 years – investment in their projects.

This increases production efficiency, leads to price reductions in the company’s malls and positively affects the production volumes of the suppliers.

The director general of “Stroydepo”, Vsevolod Kudelin, pointed out the decline in demand for the high-ticket items’ segment. This contributes to the emergence of new trademarks, which can compete with top-ranked brands.

As the marketing and development director of “Shatura”, Igor Podstolny, said, the company places great emphasis on franchising, which brings real returns. 160 out of 500 “Shatura” furniture saloons are franchises, and 50 are in property. The rest belong to the dealers’ network.

An exhibition of “deficit” and unique commodities produced by manufacturers who specialize in retail network cooperation was held within the framework of the industrial congress.

We should remind you that the business forum’s internet partner is the “” Russia-wide industrial online journal.