KNAUF discloses its investment policy in Russia

KNAUF discloses its investment policy in Russia
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The KNAUF Company will not stop investing in Russia in 2016, the Group’s head for CIS, Janis Kraulis, told reporters at a traditional press breakfast in Moscow.

Thus did he refute rumors and assumptions that have been circulating lately on this subject, our special correspondent, Alexey Nevsky, reports from the ground. In reality, the company is investing in new production facilities, such as a new plant in Samara.

However, the commissioning time is being postponed because the plant purchases Russian-made - not imported - equipment for manufacture. This will require a little more time to install and thus start production than had been expected.

The company will also invest into two more production facilities this year. Mr Kraulis promised to provide more detailed information on the realization of these projects in May.

The KNAUF Group for CIS also plans to acquire ongoing enterprises operating in the segment of construction mixtures this year in Russia. However, Janis Kraulis didn’t specify which exact enterprises he was referring to.

In forthcoming news reports we will cover the situation at KNAUF enterprises.