Russian and Kazakh officials discuss EEU technical guidelines

Russian and Kazakh officials discuss EEU technical guidelines
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Moscow. Our special correspondent Alexey Nevsky. Today, an expert meeting between the representatives of the Construction, Housing and Utilities Committee at the National Economy Ministry of Kazakhstan and their Russian colleagues was held in Moscow in the Russian Construction Ministry’s office.

The delegates discussed preparation of the project of the Eurasian Economic Union’s (EEU) technical guidelines on safety of buildings, construction materials and products. Head of the Russian Construction Ministry, Mikhail Menn addressed the experts with a greeting speech.

In particular, he thanked the Kazakh colleagues for vigorous efforts made to develop technical guidelines and especially stressed the Republic’s experience in its adoption of input method of pricing in the construction industry.

Head of the Kazakh delegations, a deputy chairman of the relative committee, Zhassulan Suyunchaliev, pointed out that the Republic crossed over to input method of pricing as far back as last year, it has developed a corresponding experience in this field and is ready to share it with the Russian colleagues.

In his turn, Russian Construction Ministry said that our experts have a lot to learn from their Kazakh partners in this area. Thereafter, the meeting proceeded in a format of the expert task teams.

They will have to prepare and agree the construction technical guidelines for approval by the Supreme Economic Council of the EEU.

On the 26th of July, the Russian Construction Ministry’s experts meet with their colleagues from Belarus to negotiate the same issue. Representatives from Kirgizia, Armenia and Azerbaijan will be involved in the discussion of these documents as well.

As for Russia, the Construction Ministry is elaborating amendments to the federal law №384, where rules and norms of voluntary application in the construction will become compulsory, what will let make any construction project safer, while construction materials and products will have higher quality.