Putin admits cooperation with Japan on Kurils after settling political issues

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Putin admits cooperation with Japan on Kurils after settling political issues
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Russian President Vladimir Putin does not rule out the possibility of conducting joint economic activities with Japan on the southern Kuril Islands. The President made such statement in an interview to Nippon TV Channel that was broadcast on Tuesday.

“Our agreements on the preparation of a peace treaty must be laid upon the ground of confidence as well. This, for example, can be achieved in the large-scale joint economic activities, including that on the South Kuril Islands”, - said Vladimir Putin.

However, he stressed that joint economic activities on the Kuril Islands are possible only after settling the political issues.

“As for the South Kuril Islands, different options are possible here; we are ready to consider collaboration on one island, on two, three or four ones,” the Russian President specified. “It is conditions that matters, but the conditions should be as liberal as possible”, - he said.

At the same time, Putin rejected the possibility to register Japan's sovereignty over the Islands in such activities.

“We agreed first to resolve the political issues in principle, then to resolve issues, say, regarding the conclusion of a peace treaty, or both together, but with the understanding that automatically, only drawing plans for a possible joint cooperation, we cannot solve the issues related to the conclusion of a peace treaty and the territorial issue”, he pointed out.