KNAUF dramatically increased production in Kazakhstan

KNAUF dramatically increased production in Kazakhstan
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Astana. Our special correspondent Alexey Nevsky. A press tour to Kazakhstan for Russian journalists from industrial media and their colleagues from Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and Tajikistan organized by KNAUF in the CIS started today with a meeting with the marketing director of KNAUF enterprises in Central Asia, Dmitry Propp.

He spoke about the use of the company’s materials in construction of 2017 EXPO international exhibition center, which opened in the capital of Kazakhstan on June 10.

Dimitry Propp stressed that during the construction of that venue, which is important for Kazakhstan, KNAUF materials had been applied in very large volumes.

This allowed the company’s plant in Kazakhstan to significantly increase production, so last year was very successful for its operation in this country.

Answering a question of our correspondent about what kind of results the company expects in Kazakhstan this year, given that the construction is over and such large orders are not expected any more, the marketing director has said that compared to previous year, a decrease in sales growth rates is expected, in particular regarding gypsum board.

However, the previous year should not be taken as a basis since then there was an active construction of objects of EXPO exhibition center, where KNAUF materials had been used. That is why, this year, the company expects an increase of 4-6% in comparison with year 2015.

Following the meeting with Dmitry Propp, reporters visited 2017 EXPO.