Olympic cottages in Sochi offered for sale

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Olympic cottages in Sochi offered for sale
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The authorities of the Russian city of Sochi have managed to sell 14 Olympic cottages in the Imeretinskaya Valley for a total of 145m roubles. The auction was conducted on the 14th of April.

In particular, the smallest house, with an area of 32m2, was purchased at the price of 4.502m roubles, the city’s press office told Construction.ru on Friday. The biggest villa, 271.5 m2, was bought for 15.2m roubles.

Altogether, about 50 people took part in the auction. All of them are residents of the following Russian cites: Moscow, Surgut, Tolyatti, Rostov-on-Don, Khimky, Rybinsk, Kotlas, and Nizhny Novgorod. The proceeds from the auction are meant for Sochi’s budget.

At the next auction, the city authorities will put out for bids 35 more cottages. The bids are being received until the 5th of May. The auction is scheduled for the 12th of May.