Match Point: just one step to victory

Match Point: just one step to victory
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Buildings of different height of the Match Point Multifunctional compound are well seen from Kutuzovsky avenue. The modern apart-complex being erected by the largest Moscow developer, Gals-Development, will be soon put in operation: the project is planned to be be completed in the forth quarter of 2019. Since the very beginning the object has been considered one of the most outstanding buildings over the past five years. And it is not by chance.

Light classic with variable number of floors

The Match Point compound is distinguished for including several buildings with different functions: two 100meters high apartment buildings, a three-storey office building and a sports volleyball arena with 3,500 seats. The residential buildings with apartments from 28 to 185 square meters form a rectangular along Vassilissa Kozhina street. The office building is located in its southern part. There is a three-level underground parking for 1602 cars. The compound has an excellent transport accessibility: it is located in 15-minutes drive from the Park Pobedy Metro station.

The project has been designed by the ABV Group architect’s office headed by Nikita Biriukov.

The style of the multi-functional compound has been determined as light classic.

-  As you have already noticed, the compound is seen form Kutuzovsky avenue, Elena Sokolova, Head of the Architect’s Group of the ABV Group architectural workshop, says. So, the surrounding made us take a definite architectural solution, we wanted to match the district style. There is a marvelous view of Poklonnaya Mount. The apartments located higher the 10th floor have unique viewing characteristics.  That is why we tried to make scenic apartments as many as possible.

Additionally, architects had to take the surrounding buildings into account to preserve solar exposure. The compound must not prevent the surrounding lower houses from sun exposure: so, it was decided to design premises with different number of floors: 13 – 19 and 27, thus providing the availability of daylight for the inhabitants of the nearby residential blocks of flats.

First, the design looked a bit more of avant-guarde, but in the course of work both architects and customers came to a conclusion that old good classics would look more seamless in the given context.

- …So, we added the elements of classic order into the design: cornices, vertical and horizontal mouldings, fulfilled the pilaster and pylons sides on the ground floor. After that, the design obtained the finished look, the design bureau specialists told us.  

- In 2018, the Match Point MFC entered the business-class products line of the Real Moscow Houses projects , and received its new monumental and at the same time modern look, Ivan Zuev, Vice-President of Gals-Development comments on the topic.  The renewed facade solutions have stressed the compound location in the historic district of the city, and the vicinity of the buisness-centre, and the dynamic life-style of our customers, as well.

It is worth mentioning that the compound still looks modern. The authors of the project managed to combine the initial concept with the customer’s wishes, and created an integral architectural object.

How to achieve ideal balance

High-rise construction is known to be very specific, and a 27-storey building may be considered a high-rise one. Experts are aware of the huge windage effect of such buildings.

All workloads were carefully calculated taking flooring into account while designing the project. It was necessary to balance the multilevel buildings, and to make dilatation joints.

Construction materials were chosen carefully, we preferred natural materials: building chalk and natural stone.

One more novelty. BIM-technologies were used in the design development, especially on the stage of design and drafting. BIM – the Building Information Modeling – is used for clearing out all the collisions of the design, clashes and errors at an early stage which will save time and allow to avoid mistakes in construction work.

Special attention to public areas

According to Ivan Zuev, the entrance groups of the Match Point MFC will be fulfilled in one style, and will have new classics facades.  The interiors of public areas are uniquely designed using glass, wood, porcelain stoneware slabs of noble brown, beige and bronze colors, and elaborate elements of wall decoration – three-part metal flower compositions. The natural structure of porcelain stoneware slabs used for finishing floors and walls imitates the marble structure.

Entrance groups are equipped with reception stands of natural wood and comfortable lounges with seating furniture.

Additionally, the Match Point MFC is equipped with noiseless speed elevators of the OTIS brand. So, the apartment owners will feel comfortable both at home and in lounge and public areas. 

International standards and friendly volleyball

But a really new experience both for designers and the Gals-Development company as developer was the construction of the sports arena within the compound. The arena is intended for volleyball competitions, including international ones, and is going to become a home field for the famous Moscow volleyball team, Dynamo.

It is not a secret that international standards for such structures are very strict. The project team coped with the task successfully. The sports grounds comply with all the requirements of the International Volleyball Federation, FIVB.

The arena is practically ready by now, finishing work is carried out presently.

Composite aluminum panels, stained-glass panels and natural stone are used in the decoration of the arena’s facade. Also, stained-glass structures with vertical fins will be used for exterior decoration.

The inner part of the arena includes two training fields, a gym, a sauna, medical centre, massage rooms, a press-centre and and a conference-hall equipped with the systems for simultaneous conference interpreting, as well as cabins for sportcasters. The voleyball arena is decorated in the Dynamo community official colors.

- It was very interesting to work on the project, the Gals-Development specialists admit. We had a non-standard and creative task to construct a sports arena integrated in the residential compound. The company has rich experience in creating socially important objects, and we applied it in constructing the volleyball complex.

Over several past years, prestigious hotels and apart-complexes show friendliness towards citizens, districts they are located in, making their lobbies, cafes, fitness-clubs available for everybody. In this case, the volleyball arena may become a sort of public area attracting residents of nearby districts to spend their leisure time, go in for sports and take their children to sports grounds.

When wishes and possibilities coincide

Match Point is known to be the term meaning the situation when a player lacks one ball to win a victory.

What was the “last ball”, a decision element of the project which made it a success and to take a lot of awards in the sphere of realty? The team of the project think, that it was excellent technical and economic performances that added to the integrity of all its elements. It is a unique infrastructure: the own sports arena is a significant know-how, will you agree? And if you summarize all the advantages of the marvellous classic appearance of the compound, unforgettable views from the windows of all the high-rise apartments you will understand why buyers are willingly choosing the Match Point MFC.

When the construction of the Match Point compound is over it is sure to become a new architectural and high-rise dominant point of Kutuzovsky avenue.