Expert opinion: BIM technologies should operate on the same principle as Google

Expert opinion: BIM technologies should operate on the same principle as Google
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Bhupinder SINGH, Senior Vice President of Bentley Software at Bentley Systems Inc.

We might think that new technologies will solve any problem. However, communicating with real users we understand that two components should be taken into account. Firstly, the process of work as it stands, and, secondly, the human factor, which is itself the biggest challenge.  

From the technological point of view it is insufficient just to make a product and create a service processing data. If you take any tool and say, “This is BIM technology,” you just get isolated pieces of information. However, we understand that BIM technologies are created on the basis of the whole life cycle of an object. This refers to both designing and the process on the whole, which leads to different arrays of interconnecting the information. 

The tool must be open and live. Imagine how Google works. What if every website used in the search for information was closed and you had to unlock it before then being able to access the data? What would be the use of it? 

Google works because all the websites are open, and there is access to the most updated information. And it is important for us to form an environment of such data. 

Presently, only a small percentage of BIM opportunities are used. Because the most complicated thing is to change the human behavioural model. Adaptive learning and tasks inside programs help to overcome different barriers and provide for users’ understanding of how to efficiently distribute their resources.