A new TechnoNICOL product for private households

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A new TechnoNICOL product for private households
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The TechnoNICOL Company is bringing a new product for low-rise construction to the Russian market – a basalt fiber for plaster façade, TECHNOFAS COTTAGE.

As Construction.ru was told by the company’s press office, this material ensures heat and sound insulation and is environment friendly and non-inflammable. It will also enable smoothing of surface imperfections and is easily installed. The material’s tear strength is10 kPa.

The plates are manufactured from basalt igneous rocks with a high water vapour permeability – no less than 0.3 mg.

The fiber is processed with water-repellent agents. They prevent moisture from penetrating the plate’s surface, protecting the façade from mould. This material can be applied to walls with all sorts of imperfections and curvatures.