Internet share in Russian GDP increases

Internet share in Russian GDP increases
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The share of the Internet in the GDP of Russia rose in 2015 to 2.3%, an investigation carried out by the Russian Association for Electronic Communications has revealed. The head of the group, Sergei Plugotarinko, presented the research at the “RIF+KIB 2016” forum.


The document states that in 2011 the Web accounted just for 1% of the country’s economy. Now mobile innovations and ads, games, shopping from mobile devices etc are 25-30% of total volume.

In 2015 the Internet advertising market grew by 15% to 97 bln roubles, 18.7% of which is media advertising and 78.3 context advertising (+20%). E-reader devices, e-commerce and e-services have become the fastest-growing segments of the market. According to forecasts from the Russian Association for Electronic Communications’ analysis, the annual average growth of the Internet market in Russia will be 8-10% in the next 2 years.

The research shows that the market will continue its growth until 2020. Last year, 54% of Internet users shopped online on a monthly basis. 42% of them did this with the use of mobile devices, including the 35% who purchased goods on their smartphones.