Millions of aged Chinese might move to Crimea

Millions of aged Chinese might move to Crimea
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Chinese investors intend to build special-purpose houses for pensioners, both from Russia and China, in Crimea.

The Chinese investors, jointly with Czech Trade Camber, have offered to erect the buildings, homes for elderly people where Chinese and Russian citizen will live, in the region, reported the TASS agency.

At present, there are 200m people over the age of 70 in China. Many of them have expressed a desire to move and have put up money to realize their plans.

The special-purpose houses for pensioners as projected in the Crimean Republic might be in demand amongst people without relatives.

In March 2014, a referendum was held in Crimea on the issue of reunification with Russia, following which a large majority of its residents expressed their wish to join the Russian Federation. At present, the Crimean Republic is one of the federal subjects of Russia.