Moscow hosts “Control Point Development 2016” forum

Moscow hosts “Control Point Development 2016” forum
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Administrative barriers are not the main obstacles for developers any more – for the last few years, the number of procedures have been reduced twice, from 220 to 131.

This is what the Minister of Construction, Housing and Utilities, Mikhail Menn, said at the “Control Point Development 2016” business forum which opened in Moscow on Wednesday, reports our special correspondent, Vladimir Gurvich.

According to Mr Menn, as a result of this, there have been no substantial complaints on this issue. The efforts of the Russian authorities have been assessed by the World Bank. According to the assessment, in 2016 the Russian Federation has moved up from 156th to 119th position.

This doesn’t imply that everything is rosy, however. Work in this direction will continue, indicated the Minister. The Road Map for the reduction of administrative barriers is being developed. However, the main point is that the regions understand that this issue is of great significance for the country’s economy, said Mikhail Menn.