Several former construction inspectors found guilty of bribery

Several former construction inspectors found guilty of bribery
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In the Stavropol region, the Kochubeevskoye district court has found several inspectors of the State Construction Supervision and Inspection Service guilty of receiving a bribe.

The investigators established that, last June, the Inspectorate’s employee Vyacheslav Kardumyan received a bribe to the tune of 200,000 roubles from the director general of the construction company, the regional Investigative Committee’s press office told on Friday.

Therefore, Vyacheslav Kardumyan promised not to involve him in the administrative responsibility for the non-fulfillment of the previously issued instruction. Moreover, the official told the entrepreneur that he would draw a conclusion on the built object.

Having received the bribe, Mr Kardumyan handed over the money to the deputy head of the Stavropol Department for Construction and Housing Control, Sergey Lukin. However, the entrepreneur acted within the framework of operative experience.

The court charged Mr Lukin 450,000 roubles, and Mr Kardumyan 2.5m roubles.