Construction company director intimidated with a ball grenade

Construction company director intimidated with a ball grenade
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On Tuesday, a ball grenade was found on the hood of a car belonging to the head of one of Moscow’s construction companies.

The incident occurred when the businessman left his off-road Audi Q7 at a mall parking lot in Moscow, a police source told

The dangerous object was noticed by people passing by the car. They immediately called the police. A task force with an explosives expert arrived on the scene.

The technician detected that it was an F-1 high-yield army ball grenade that was placed upon the car.

Investigators have initiated a criminal case regarding the illegal acquisition, storage and bearing of weapons, according to the Article 222, part 1 of the Russian Criminal Code.

The police believe that it was most likely an act of intimidation rather than an attempted murder. The experts suspect that the incident might be connected with the professional activity of the construction company’s director.