18% of Russians prefer ancient houses construction method

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18% of Russians prefer ancient houses construction method
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18% of visitors, who attended an all-season house exhibition, entitled “Low-rise Building Country”, are interested in new innovative technologies of the wireframe construction method, the show organizers told Construction.RU on Monday.

According to them, such result has been obtained following the poll and questionnaire survey of over 8,000 visitors. However, most of those interviewed, that is 20%, are interested in houses made from glued laminated lumber.

14,7% showed their interest in usage of nosing strops, 10,6% — in flinty pre-engineered buildings, 9,2% — in houses made out of rounded log, 5,6% — houses of SIP-panels, 3,3% — in modular houses.

As a reference, the wireframe construction, a hut being a typical example, is believed to be one of the most ancient methods of dwelling arrangement.