Illegal casino discovered in Moscow City business center

Illegal casino discovered in Moscow City business center
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On Friday night, Russian Interior Ministry operatives conducted an action to terminate the operation of an illegal casino, located on the 58th storey of one of the Moscow City business center’s skyscrapers.

The gambling establishment was functioning in an area of 800 m2 which was redesigned using three united apartments, the police press office told

The police seized poker tables and a large amount of money. At present, a pre-investigation check is being carried out into this matter. Following the results of the inquiry, a procedural decision will be taken.

As a reference, since the 1st of July 2009, gaming businesses have been prohibited on all the territory of Russia except for special zones: near Vladivostok, Altay, Kaliningrad and on the Azov and Black Sea coasts, as well as in Sochi and Crimea.