Vladimir Konstantinov on the construction industry in Crimea

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Vladimir Konstantinov on the construction industry in Crimea
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Crimean construction industry attests to the consistent prgress and has fully overcome a slowdown, mainly connected with the deficit of construction materials, which had been previously supplied from Ukraine.

This statement made the head of the Crimean Republic’s parliament, Vladimir Konstantinov, at a session in Simferopol on Thursday. Among other factors contributing to the decline he pointed out a transition period of adaptation to Russian legislation.

Now, in his opinion, the construction industry will become a locomotive of the peninsula’s economy development in the near future.

Mr Konstantinov indicated other existing problems in this industry, among which is a workforce deficit emerged due to the insufficient level of salaries for workers coming from Russia’s mainland.

Nevertheless, new jobs and enterprises are being created in Crimea, moreover, in the mining industry there is a breakthrough in this field.