Chinese construction companies invited to Crimea

Chinese construction companies invited to Crimea
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On Monday, a presentation of the tourist and investment potential of the Crimean Republic was held in the Russian embassy in Beijing.

According to RIA Novosti, the Crimean delegation arrived in China headed by the president of the republican parliament, Vladimir Konstantinov.

Mr Konstantinov said that Crimea’s leadership has invited Chinese construction companies to familiarize themselves with the opportunities in this area.

Crimea is a large construction area and Chinese machinery is traditionally popular there. It’s in demand due to the low cost and high quality.

The delegation from Crimea includes the republic’s Resort and Tourism Minister, Sergei Strelbitsky, vice Prime Ministers Vitaly Nakhlupin and Georgy Muradov, the president of the Crimean Federal University, Sergei Donich, the directors of the major Crimean banks, RNKB and Genbank, as well as the president of Yalta International Economic Forum Fund, Sergei Lazutkin.

China was represented by Foreign Ministry and Agriculture Ministry officials, as well as by businessmen. On the first day of the delegation’s visit to China, an exhibition and one-to-one meetings with Chinese businessmen are scheduled.

On the second day, a meeting between the trade mission of Russia and representatives of Chinese financial entities and construction firms is to take place.