School with wooden façade to be built in Moscow

School with wooden façade to be built in Moscow
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Moscow Architecture and Urban Construction Committee has agreed the construction project of an extension of the school №46 located in the Obruchevsky district of Moscow.

Its peculiarity will be an assembly hall, outside wooden finished, says the Committee’s press statement.

The extension of a standard school building of 1974, situated on Obruchevo Street, 28A, is intended to hold 400 children. Its total area will amount to 6,400 sq.m.

The building will be separated into two wings of two and four storeys, connected by a passage. Underneath there will be a passage from the old building to a sports field and a playground.

“An assembly hall, located on the third ground, will become the peculiarity of the schools”, - says the statement. Rear façade will have stained-glass windows.