What really happened at the NPP construction site in Belarus

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What really happened at the NPP construction site in Belarus
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Some Belarus media have reported on the reactor collapse in the course of its assembling in the reactor unit of the NPP under construction in Belarus.

The emergency is said to have taken place in the course of test installation. According to the Belarus Ministry of Energy, the information is being checked now.

To remind you, media more than once reported on different emergency situations at the construction site of the Belorussian NPP, but the official sources always neglected the information. According to onlookers, the reactor collapse is a serious disaster, and it is hardly not to be reported on to the Ministry of Energy. So, three variants are probable: either the information is an element of propaganda warfare and the situation is normal, or something insignificant happened during the reactor installation and that is why the ministry was not reported about it, or the reactor really fell down, it was impossible to keep secret, and the Ministry bide time to prepare a decent answer. The situation will come clear soon.

To remind you, the Belarus NPP is being built in partnership with Russia near the Belorussian town of Ostrovets (Grodno region) 50 km away from Vilnus. It will consist of two WWER-1200 type reactors with total capacity of 2,400 MWt.


The first unit is to be put in operation in 2018, the second – in 2020.