Why construction of big greenhouses halted in Russian South

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Why construction of big greenhouses halted in Russian South
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Investor suspended the construction of two big greenhouses in the Russian region of Rostov, located in the Southern Federal District, due to growing equipment prices.

Building of a greenhouse complex, which is estimated at 1,72 bln roubles, has been halted today in the Azov district of the Rostov region, Kommersant reports on Tuesday.

One more facility, “Arkoyug TK Azovski”, which costs 1,39 bln roubles, has been indefinitely delayed for the reason of rising prices for imported equipment.

Investor hasn’t unveiled so far, whether the project is freezed for a time or the company has abandoned its plans ultimately.

As a reference, the investor rented 30,5 hectares of a land plot in the region for the construction of a greenhouse complex with a capacity of 10,800 tons. Due to the project’s growing cost, its commissioning has been postponed from 2014 to 2016.

Initially, the project was estimated at 1,5 bln roubles, however, at present, its price grew by 1,72 bln roubles. The company plans to purchase an alternative domestically produced analogues instead of the imported equipment.