Greenhouses of “tomato oasis” emerge in northwestern Russia

Greenhouses of “tomato oasis” emerge in northwestern Russia
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Entrepreneur Sergey Vorobyov is completing construction of greenhouses producing tomatoes in winter in Nifantovo village located in the Vologda region, northwestern Russia.

At present, steel truss are being mounted at the site. In the field with an area of 50 hectares and located left to the road leading to poultry farm ten greenhouses are planned to be built. Apart from that, a cherry orchard will be set up on the land plot of 10 hectares, between the forest and greenhouses.

There is an available infrastructure, including road, natural gas, electricity. Builders have dug a well, but it's likely that a water pipe will be laid. A gas boiler will be installed there.

The area of one greenhouse is 880 square meters. In February, the facilities will be ready to produce first tomatoes.