Brexit reduces number of UK's millionaires by 15%

Brexit reduces number of UK's millionaires by 15%
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Following the vote of the UK citizens in favor of leaving the European Union (Brexit), the number of dollar millionaires in the country fell by 15%, Bloomberg reports on Tuesday, citing a report by Credit Suisse Group AG.

There is also a decline in household wealth (by 10%), declines in the exchange rate and the stock market. According to experts, all these rates is a direct consequence of the Brexit vote, first of all, because of political and economic uncertainty in the country.

The U.K.’s $14 trillion in private wealth account for 49 million people, 5% of which have over $1 million.

According to the report, worldwide wealth reached to $256 trillion in the 12 months through June and is going to total $334 trillion by 2021.