Dagestan allocates $5,5m to building new industrial parks

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Dagestan allocates $5,5m to building new industrial parks
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The Russian Caucasian Republic of Dagestan announced its plans to allocate 350 million rubles ($5,5 million) to construction of industrial parks in the region.

As the republican Agency for Entrepreneurship and Investments told Construction.RU on Friday, 67,4 million rubles out of this sum will be allocated from the federal budget, 35,4 million rubles will be provided by the Republic and 27 million rubles will come from budgets of municipalities.

The rest 220 million rubles are planned to be attracted from non-budgetary sources.

So, a total revenue from operation of the industrial parks in the region will achieve about 3 billion rubles by 2021. The project will also allow to create 4,000 new jobs.