Project for Eastern Crimea water supply estimated at $314m

Project for Eastern Crimea water supply estimated at $314m
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Project for water supply of the eastern part of Crimea, which has experienced the strongest difficulties due to Ukraine’s move to turn the water off, will cost 20 billion rubles ($314 million), the head of the Directorate for Management of Federal Target Program for Peninsula’s Development, Andrey Nikitchenko, announced on Thursday.

“The Federal target program has a complex of measures, which could be united in one theme: “Water provision to residents of the Eastern Crimea – Feodosia, Kerch and other settlements”. It involves the whole system: water intakes, water supply path, branching. This object is large and complex. Its cost is estimated at more than 20 billion rubles”, - Andrey Nikitchenko said.

According to him, works are already underway.