$38m greenhouse complex to be put in operation in Chechnya

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$38m greenhouse complex to be put in operation in Chechnya
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In the year 2017, a large greenhouse complex producing over 7,200 tons of vegetables annually is scheduled to be put in operation in the Russian Republic of Chechnya located in Northern Caucasian region of the country.

As the press office of the Chechen government told Construction.RU today, the first crop is planned to be secured there as early as March 2017.

Implementation of this investment project costed 2,34 billion rubles ($38 million). Nearly 180 jobs are expected to be created at the enterprise.

The greenhouse complex is located at a plot of land with an area of over 170,000 square meters. The amount of released products will exceed 7,200 tons of vegetables.

In future, the facility will become a part of an agricultural and industrial park, which will specialize in production and processing of agricultural products.