$225m pig-breeding farm to open in Lipetsk region

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$225m pig-breeding farm to open in Lipetsk region
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A pig-breeding farm with total investments of 1.3 billion roubles ($225 million) opens in the Dankov district of the Lipetsk region, Russia.

According to the press office of the regional administration, the ceremony was attended by the head of region, Oleg Korolev, and the founder of Cherkizovo Group, Igor Babayev.

“The capacity of a new pig-breeding farm is 11,6 thousand sows at a time and about 7 thousand weaned pigs per week. Commissioning of the pig-breeding farm will increase the company's capacity in the pig production by 350 thousand pigs per year, or 23% compared to December 2016. The total investment in the project amounted to 1.3 billion rubles”, - the message released by the press office reads.

Infrastructure of the pig-breeding farm fully rules out access of the outside transport, there are special stations for handling feed and piglets that minimizes the contact of industrial premises with the environment.